Yasmin Kumi Founder & Managing Director, Africa Foresight Group

Yasmin Kumi

Yasmin Kumi

Founder and Managing Director, Africa Foresight Group

Yasmin Kumi founded AFG in 2015 to follow her passion of fostering local economic value creation in Africa. She is a Ghanaian/German senior business consultant with extensive working experience in the consumer goods and financial services sector, the research of family business groups and agriculture in African markets. Yasmin serves as the Managing Director of Africa Foresight Group, is a Harambean (’16) and has also been appointed Executive Director of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, the leading network for young talented entrepreneurs from Africa. Prior to founding AFG, she worked at McKinsey & Company for 5 years. She holds an MBA degree and an MSc in African Studies from the University of Oxford.