Tatenda Nyamuda Director of Sponsorship & Strategic Relationships

Tatenda Nyamuda

Tatenda Nyamuda

Oxford MBA Student

Tatenda has over eight years’ experience in finance and impact investing roles working in Africa, the UK and the US. Traditional paradigms are cracking! We are right now witnessing a challenge to globalization as we know it; a shift towards nationalism in many large western nations, which will have an impact on the source and quantum of capital available for the African continent and other emerging markets.

In this environment, it is crucial to challenge conventional paths and think creatively about solutions to accelerate capital required to realise Africa’s development potential. As a Zimbabwean born South African raised female, never more have I been aware of the urgency of finding these solutions.

I’m excited about the potential of this year’s Oxford Africa Business Forum to bring together students, faculty and business people passionate about the potential of the African continent and identifying creative solutions to re(define), create and reimagine solutions for the African consumer of tomorrow!